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Speak managing director center

Dr. Akbar Bayat strongly believes that quality of treatment will reach to its maximum degree. Therefore, in addition to examination and treatment of patients in sufficient time, patients’ awareness will be raised via movies, brochures, and journals containing scientific materials in a simple language and a better result will be obtained.
As a responsible physician, Dr. Akbar Bayat performs therapeutic and aesthetic actions for the patients and where necessary, he will refer them to other therapeutic centers and or perform the supplementary examination with maximum accuracy.

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Virtual Visit Request

personal and medical information forms and data entry, you can choose the desired date and we will contact you and give final approval of the selected time.

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Modalities center

Patients will be examined by the most advanced technologies (ear examination microscope, laryngeal endoscopy, nasal and sinus endoscopy, ear endoscopy, etc.) in this center. It is clear that using modern technology, patients’ treatment will be done with more ease and accuracy. Thus, on the one hand, individuals such as children, who avoid and or worry about different diagnosis and therapy techniques, can readily be treated with no anxiety, and on the other hand, those patients referring to different centers that are still confused and have not been treated, can reach their final result.

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Ease of treatment center

Examination and treatment tools will be sterilized by four different methods (autoclave, formalin tablets, sterilizing solutions, and radiation) in this center.
For patients who refer for consultation on correction and beauty operations, designing nose and face will be done by modern software so that patients consciously select surgical or non-surgical methods. Moreover, results of before and after operation will be compared by photos taken periodically from patients.

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  • How can I prepare for rhinoplasty?

  • Will pre-surgery consultation take only one session?

  • What tests and examinations will be performed prior to surgery?

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    • Rhinoplasty
    • Lip Augmentation
    • Facial Rejuvenation
    • Dimples
    • Botox Injection
    • Microlipoinjection
    • Fillers
    • Visual Appraisal of the Nose
    • Factors Affecting Nose Shape
    • Otapostasis

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